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Bike Ride 2017

Riding Against Gun Violence

November 12 will mark the end of the “2017 Restored Order Ride Against Gun Violence.” The Restored Order team will complete it’s 40-day ride from Maryland to Miami at Gould’s Park in Miami. The team will conclude with a special bike-a-thon and food distribution for the community at 1-3 pm.

This event will promote public safety, community uplift and goodwill as well as health and wellness awareness for Miami residents.

Ride organizers David Peay and Mark Brown abruptly postponed the last leg of the ride in early September to coordinate relief and response efforts in preparation for Hurricane Irma. With recovery efforts well underway, the Restored Order Team is set to complete their mission and refocus to saving lives from the threat of gun violence with the final leg of the ride from West Palm Beach to Miami.

 Restored Order is a non-profit organization in association with the Southeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists office of Adventist Community Services. Restored Order provides educational and leadership development programs for urban youth to promote non-violence, STEM education and financial literacy. The Southeastern Conference operates 160 churches and 15 schools throughout Florida and southern Georgia. The Seventh-day Adventist Church is mainline protestant denomination with over 19 million members worldwide.